Virginia HO!

Jess and I are moving to Virginia.

Jess had decided to try Vermont, and we were having quite a bit of fun, but one morning as we were making breakfast Jess said "I want to move to Virginia". I knew what that meant, and so 2 weeks later weere packed up. Amazingly all our stuff fit in the truck (barely). We're in migration right now, but on our way. We'll be looking probably to find something near Shenandoah, rent for a bit to make sure we like the area, then find a place to buy hopefully backing on the park.

Other pieces of news:

  • Jess got a job at a tiny startup called Parzival as their 2'nd engineer, has been experimenting with remote work, and so far loves it
  • I got a job again. I'll be working remote, 80%, for Meteor, a San Francisco based company that develops the Meteor javascript-based thick-client web-app platform. I'll be working on the reliability of their current systems and on helping them develop Galaxy: cloud infrastructure for web-apps.
  • I started another blog, this one for computer stuff called Computers are Hard. It's intended to run the whole gamut of computers and computer science. So, if you are interested in hearing the ramblings of an overly opinionated software engineer please follow along.

Right now were moving, so kinda busy for the next month or so. But, I have a sheep-skin and another deer-skin ready to smoke and we've been experimenting with a canvas tarp. So, once we move, with luck, we won't be changing states again for quite some time and we'll have time for more interesting projects and experiments. I'm looking forward to it!

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