Just an update

author: mbrewer

First, some blog-related stuff

Jess and I are going to be in different places for a while. We got a bit of feedback that it's not immediatly obvious who posted a given article, so to help people track what's up we'll try and be a bit more obvious about it.

Also, to make it a bit easier to meet up with folks and help people track what I'm up to I've created a public calendar and posted it on my profile: http://www.smalladventures.net/mbrewer/index.html. You'll probably notice that it's pretty barren until may... that's because posting when I won't be at my apartment (right next to it's address) is dumb when I still have one.

What's up now

Jess is gone to Washington on her own adventure for a while. We'll meet up again in a few months. I'll miss her a ton, but what she's doing is super exciting and I can't wait to learn from her when she gets back.

On my end things are pretty busy right now.
  • We've both basically completed training with CalESAR (just one training left, that I can't make it too). Assuming missing that training is okay we should both soon be certified as type 2 rescuers (meaning we can be out overnight and that sort of thing). We've got a ton to write about the various trainings for this, philosophies of being out, risk handling, etc.
  • I'm going to take a 4 day class in rope rescue called TRR-TL. If I pass I'll get a certification for doing rescues involving cliffs and such. I'll be writing more about that soon hopefully.
  • I'm trying to empty the apartment and garage of everything Jess and I own. We made some good progress before Jess left but there's still quite a ways to go.
  • I started going barefoot basically all of the time, again more coming soon
  • In moving out of the house last night I did my first test-pack of the truck to see if my stuff will fit. I want to write some about what I have.
So articles are likely to be a bit thin for a couple more weeks, but assuming I can get myself to sit down and write, more should definitely be coming!


Quiting my job to live outdoors

It's official. I just emailed my manager  today with the dates I'll be leaving. As of May 17'th I'll quit working in tech to live outdoors.

I'm going to spend the next year taking classes in various outdoor skills, going to primitive skills gatherings, and hanging out and sharing with as many outdoors and bush-craft enthusiasts as I can. I'm slowly building up an itinerary, though I also want to play it by ear some. My goal is to find out what's out there, and experiment with ways to live with the environment.

I'm really excited both about spending a lot more time sharing my love of this stuff with other people and learning from them, and spending a lot more time alone learning to understand the natural world better.

I've got a couple of cool classes scheduled for this summer. I plan to camp in National Forests, do some backpacking, definitely do some trips with almost no gear. I'll be taking some classes in various search and rescue skills as well as primitive survival skills. I want to train for ski patrol. I'm definitely going to try and get my California hunting license.

I'm planning to stay largely near California, though wandering farther a field at times (particularly towards the end of summer and into early fall), and playing things by ear. Now that I'm finally involved in a SAR team here in California I want to stick around and get more involved, not less.

The planning and prep for this, combined with a bit more load lately at work, is part of why I haven't been posting as often lately. Too much time prepping and not enough actually outdoors :). I definitely intend to keep posting, hopefully more than ever. My goal is to find a new balance between technology and living with/in the environment.

If you want to hang out and share skills, go on a trip with me, or have cool suggestions for ways to spend my time let me know!